Years of Blood

A Cunning Plan/Infiltration
"How would you like to be a fly in Korval's ointment?" "I'd like that very much. Anything to repay that bastard."

The party was successfully revived the wounded man, who was revealed to be Dakran, the former commander of the targeted fortress. He claimed to have been relieved of his command and imprisoned by Korval. He provided the party with vital intelligence, helping to plan their assault. An incoming supply caravan was waylaid by the druid, diverting the garrison’s attention while the others entered the fortress via Dakran’s escape route. Through superior skill and the supreme ineptitude of the lookout patrol, they penetrated the inner sanctum of the keep and confronted Korval.

Revelations/Behind the Lines
"I hope its not a demon, I hate demons."

The replacements came in the form of three unique recruits. Jounem Tenebres, a druid of noble birth. Skellum, a skilled man of clerical bent. And Peter Clay, a warrior of the south. These three proved their worth to the Malazan cause immediately, helping to decode the scrolls seized in the warehouse raid. These scrolls revealed the dire truth of the enemy’s weapon. It was not a weapon that the enemy would point at the Malazans, no. It was a device far more insidious, an enormous summoning circle large enough to accommodate a city. The exact purpose of this construction could not be determined, but its location could. The party sent word back to the lines, requesting further assistance, but decided something must be done about the weapon immediately. They set off into the wilds, towards the One Eye Mountains. After several days of travel, in the midst of a deep wood, the Bridgeburners came across a wounded man, pursued by brigands. They successfully diverted the brigands, and made camp in an ancient culvert, with the aim of questioning the wounded man upon his revival.

Criminal Elements/Replacements
"New meat, eh? I hope you fare better than those who came before."

In an attempted infiltration of the city of Ador, Kincaid and Xander where captured and presumably executed by the Crimson Guard. The remaining pair regrouped with a Malazan agent already within the city, and launched an assault on a warehouse used by a criminal gang allied with Korval to store Red Thorium. Key intelligence was seized, but the agent and the paladin perished in the fight. Jerekiah awaited reinforcements for several weeks, and his patience grew short as he was forced to hide. Finally, aid arrived in the form of three Bridgeburners fresh to the conflict.

Pursuing the Arcane
"I think Jerekiah enjoys his work a little too much."

The citadel is taken, and the captive, a mage spying for the Talons named Kincaid, reveals his information. The Crimson Guard is constructing an arcane weapon of apocalyptic proportions, a threat that the Captain decides must be neutralized. The party of four discovers that a Sogena merchant, Artimon Regulus, sold massive quantities of red thorium, a material used to craft negative energy linked magical items, to a Crimson Guard warmage named Brachus Korval. This material was shipped downriver, presumably to the city of Abor.

The Citadel Captured
"That warmage was a piece of work, eh Xander?"

The three soldiers were reunited just as the final assault began. The tower sanctum within the citadel was stormed by the Bridgeburners, who expected to capture Sogena’s leadership. They found something else entirely. A Crimson Guard Warmage, with his retinue, had remained behind as the city’s nobles fled. He inflicted great harm upon the soldiers before being felled by one of the ranger’s arrows. After the tower sanctum was secured, a secret passage was found leading to the citadel’s dungeons. There, they discovered a single prisoner, one who promised to bring the campaign to a swift conclusion.

Arrival+From the Barricades
"Sogena was a bad spot, but the Bridgeburners pulled through."

As the story began, the three heroes were soldiers belonging to the 5th Squad, 3rd Army, the Bridgeburners. Jerekiah Arkentaal, a mage haunted by the murder of his parents, Laal, a mute paladin, and Xander, a ranger from the coastal forests, were a trio unlikely to have met had the war not pressed them together. Trapped beneath the decks of a landing barge, they were taking place in the amphibious assault on the city of Sogena. The carefully laid plans of their commanders were quickly dashed, as the artillery detachment assigned to support the landing was delayed by an ambush. The decision was made to land without support, and the heroes were instrumental in securing the docks. Several hours into the siege, as the Bridgeburners encountered fierce resistance, the artillery arrived on the opposite bank of the river Sogen, and began a hellish bombardment that plunged the city into a firestorm. In the ensuing chaos of blood and fire, Xander became separated from the others, and has not been seen since. The remaining pair pressed on without their comrade, and took place in the storming of the City Hall.


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