Jerekiah Arkentaal

A Sorcerer/Inquisitor/Fighter haunted by a bloody past, pledged to the service of Poliel, Lady of Plagues.



  • XP: 15,800
  • Alignment: LN
  • Deity: Poliel, Lady of Plagues
  • Height: 6’3”
  • Weight: 170 lbs
  • Eyes: Orange w/red flecks
  • Hair: Black


  • Str: 12
  • Dex: 15
  • Con: 10
  • Int: 14
  • Wis: 14
  • Cha: 14


  • Fortitude: 4
  • Reflex: 3
  • Will: 8


  • Hit Points: 25+1d10
  • AC: 13(23): (Dexterity Bonus, Mage Armour, Shield, Shield of Faith, Amulet of Natural Armour +1
  • Base Attack Bonus: +3
  • CMB: +3
  • CMD: 15
  • Morningstar Flail +1: (Weapon of Deity) (To Hit: +4; Damage: 1d8+2; Critical: x2; Disarm, Trip)
  • Masterwork Spiked Whip +1: (To Hit: +4; Damage: 1d3+2; Critical: x2; Disarm, Non-Lethal, Reach, Trip)
  • Flaming Composite Longbow +1: (To Hit: +5; Damage: 1d8+1d6+3; Critical: x3)


  • Appraise: +7
  • Bluff: +8
  • Diplomacy: +9
  • Handle Animal: +8
  • Intimidate: +13
  • Knowledge (Arcana): +7
  • Knowledge (History): +7
  • Knowledge (Monster): +9
  • Knowledge (Religion): +6
  • Perception: +11
  • Ride: +8
  • Sense Motive: +6
  • Stealth: +11
  • Survival: +7 (+8 when tracking)


  • Eschew Materials
  • Improved Initiative
  • Persuasive
  • Exotic Weapon Proficiency – Whip
  • Weapon Focus: Morningstar Flail

Special Abilities:

  • Destructive Smite: + 1/2 Inquisitor Level Damage on Successful Attack 5/Day
  • Metamagic Adept: Can add 1 known Metamagic Feat to spell at no extra casting time 1/Day
  • Bloodline Arcana: Whenever Metamagic used that increases level of spell, increase DC by +1 (Non-stackable)
  • Cunning Initiative: Wisdom and Dexterity Bonuses are counted on Initiative rolls.
  • Judgement: 1/Day



Bloodline: Arcana

  • 0 Level Cantrips:(5/Day; 5 Left): Mage Hand, Prestigidation, Dancing Lights, Acid Splash, Message
  • 1st Level: (3+1 Known, 5+1/Day; 3+1 Left): Identify (Bloodline), Mage Armour, Shield, Comprehend Languages


Domain: Destruction

  • 0 Level Orisons: (5/Day; 4 Left): Bleed, Stabilize, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Create Water
  • 1st Level Spells: (3+1 Known; 3+1/Day; 3+1 Left): True Strike (Domain), Shield Of Faith, Bane, Cause Fear
  • Current Spells Working: Mage Armour, Shield



  • Amulet Of Natural Armour +1
  • Flaming Composite Long Bow +1
  • Morning Star Flail +1
  • Masterwork Spiked Whip +1
  • 2 Oversized Quivers (30 Arrows Capacity Each)
  • 60 Arrows
  • Noble’s Outfit (See Character Description)
  • 2 Beltpouches, 4 Scrollcases, Contents (On Belt)
  • Signet Ring (Spider Insignia With Topaz Eyes)
  • Silver Holy Symbol Of Poliel (Around Neck)

In Belpouches

  • Beltpouch A
  • 2 X Caltrops
  • Beltpouch B
  • Silver Case With 20 Cheroots (Ekul’s Blue Blend)
  • Flint/Steel
  • Mirror (Small)
  • 5 Vials Anti-Toxin
  • 5 Pieces Chalk

In Backpack

  • Bedroll
  • Winter Blanket
  • 3 Vials Ink
  • Inkpen
  • Masterwork Manacles
  • 50 Sheets Parchment
  • Iron Pot
  • 2 Empty Sacks
  • Sealing Wax
  • Soap

On Horse

  • Studded Leather Barding
  • Military Saddle
  • Bit And Bridle
  • Saddlebags
  • Jerekiah Arkentaal (And Bodily Possessions)
  • Saddlebag A)
  • Backpack And Contents (When On Horse)
  • Saddlebag B)
  • ‘Cage Of Repentance’ (Made Of Red Mahogany)
  • 5 Cases Of Cigarillos (Containing 80 Each)
  • 2 Waterskins (Fine Red Wine)


PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: You see what appears to be a tall gaunt figure (6’3” 170 lbs) with short coal black hair with bangs and piercing whiteless eyes of topaz orange with red flecks on a black heavy warhorse with black studded leather barding. He wears a black ankle length overcoat with a deep cowl and his head is wrapped in a large black scarf which is also wound around his face covering his mouth. Likewise his leather calfboots, gloves, belt, beltpouches and cloth leggings are also black. His long sleeved shirt however, made of fine silk, is blood red. For weapons he carries a composite long bow with a pair of quivers, a spiked whip and a ball and chain morningstar.

HISTORY: The only child of Myryth and Gradish Arkentaal, a pair of wizards of the divination school in the city of Hoop, Jerekiah was somewhat of a prodigy as a youngster. This was partially due to his upbringing but also due to his inborn abilities to work with the arcane. Realizing their child was gifted the couple made sure to give him every advantage to develop his talents. All was not perfect in the Arkentaal world however.

When Jerekiah was but a young lad of six summers, the lord of Hoop was overthrown in a coup lead by the religious leaders of the temple of Beru. They gained the throne on the back of allegations that the royal mage was behind attempts to have some of those same religious leaders assassinated. Whether it was true or not, no one ever found out as the wizard was put to death without a trial as soon as the worshippers of Beru came to power.

This was just the beginning though. To keep such a ‘murderous plot’ from ever happening again a law was passed in which all practitioners of the arcane arts within the city had to register with the new theocracy. Furthermore, any of the same wanting to emigrate to the city had to petition a group of clergy empanelled to review all applications for residency.

At first the penalties for not registering or petitioning was a fine for the former and deportation for the latter. As the years passed though, more and more restrictions were placed on wizards and sorcerers and the penalties for flaunting the new laws became more and more severe. Eventually things got so bad that a group of powerful mages formed a coalition amongst themselves to combat what they felt was blatant discrimination.

As powerful as ‘The Collective Of The Silver Pentagram’, as they called themselves, was, the theocrats were entrenched in power and as such had all the resources at hand that came with such a position. Branded as heretics and enemies of the state, the members of the collective were hunted down one by one by special teams of clergy armed with devices that made it impossible for the mages to cast or use any arcane spells, abilities or devices and put to death in public executions over a period of three years.

Once the dissident wizards and sorcerers were made examples of, the high cleric of Beru decreed that from that day forward the practice of arcane magic within the theocracy was illegal. Anyone caught doing so was to be named heretic and tried on religious grounds, with guilty verdicts carrying a death sentence.

The Arkentaal’s attempted to flee the country, but were sold out by vendor at the town market, who was himself trying to dodge charges. Having seen the betrayal coming, the couple smuggled young Jerekiah, a newly made sorcerer, out of the theocracy by calling in a favour of some former palace guards of the old lord who had since become mercenaries.

Having seen not only his own parent’s put to death, but also several other atrocities carried out against those practicing the arcane arts, young Arkentaal vowed revenge against the theocratic bigots and anyone who came out against arcane magic anywhere. He turned to Poliel and dedicated himself to her teachings in order to prepare himself for the coming battle. As he turned 24, Jerekiah, finally finished his religious education and became an inquisitor for his god in addition to the sorcerer he already was. Jerekiah Arkentaal was finally ready to fight fire with fire.

PERSONALITY: To say that Jerekiah is a mindless killing machine would be doing him a grave injustice. While it is true that the Sorcerer/Inquisitor of today is much more violent than the Sorcerer he used to be there is a method to his madness. He would much prefer that his enemies suffer before death so as to extract as much information from them as possible as opposed something quicker even if painful.

Any feelings of guilt there may have been over using torture to obtain his ends has long since been scrubbed away by the cold rage of watching his scholar parents burn at the stake years ago at the hands of the clergy of Beru. As a result any priest of Beru is an obvious target for his ire, though anyone expressing displeasure with arcane magic or casters as a whole is, in his eyes, also guilty of ‘blasphemy’ and is thus a ‘heretic’ to be persecuted to the fullest extent of the ‘law’.

He is not someone to blindly stick himself into a confrontation he has little chance of winning. Rather, he will listen and lie in wait for his chance to attack, much like his familiar, a highly poisonous spider he simply calls ‘Lovely’.

He has a fairly sophisticated palette, his favourite drink being fine red wine, his favourite meal being steak done rare with fixings. He also is a regular smoker of hand rolled cheroots. He prefers to roll his own when he can get his hands on the proper materials but will plump for pre-rolled when that is not possible.

Jerekiah Arkentaal

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