Years of Blood

Revelations/Behind the Lines

"I hope its not a demon, I hate demons."

The replacements came in the form of three unique recruits. Jounem Tenebres, a druid of noble birth. Skellum, a skilled man of clerical bent. And Peter Clay, a warrior of the south. These three proved their worth to the Malazan cause immediately, helping to decode the scrolls seized in the warehouse raid. These scrolls revealed the dire truth of the enemy’s weapon. It was not a weapon that the enemy would point at the Malazans, no. It was a device far more insidious, an enormous summoning circle large enough to accommodate a city. The exact purpose of this construction could not be determined, but its location could. The party sent word back to the lines, requesting further assistance, but decided something must be done about the weapon immediately. They set off into the wilds, towards the One Eye Mountains. After several days of travel, in the midst of a deep wood, the Bridgeburners came across a wounded man, pursued by brigands. They successfully diverted the brigands, and made camp in an ancient culvert, with the aim of questioning the wounded man upon his revival.


Blackhearted Blackhearted

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