1151st Year of Burn’s Sleep

93rd Year of the Malazan Empire

Year 3 of the Genabackis Campaign

As the third year of the invasion of Genabackis drags on, the enemies of the empire, within and without, seem ever to multiply. The forces resisting the occupation entrench yet deeper, and death seems to reap a greater harvest with every battle. The war leaves both the land and the men scarred, some beyond the faintest hope of repair. Although the Malazan force continues its inexorable march further in, each step is costly.

Amongst the battered ranks of the Malazan 3rd Army are a group of soldiers whose name strikes fear into even the most hardened veteran of the Crimson Guard: The Bridgeburners. These men and women can be found where the fight is thickest, first to rise, last to fall. They are the Emperor’s favored, trusted to carry out the most dangerous raids, be the first to enter the breach or climb over the ramparts, and the last to fall back in the face of certain death.

It is from this unit that your detachment is drawn from. Identified as having talent even amongst the most talented and hard-bitten soldiers this side of the Rust Ocean, you are being carefully watched as the Bridgeburners prepare for the next sortie. The city of Sogena lies just on the other side of the river, and the Bridgeburners have been given the order to take the city regardless of the cost…

Years of Blood

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